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Are you ready to join the ranks of South Africans who are Change Makers?

As a Change Maker, you are an active citizen working on the ground to bring about positive change in your home, you community and the environment. Together SA is helping you, a socially-minded person to succeed.

Benefits of joining Together SA

  • Build a sense of a common South African citizenship: How?
    Through signing up as a Change Maker on the Together SA website you will be one of thousands who are ACTIVE CITIZENS. No longer defined by colour, you will be recognised by the choices and actions that you are taking as a South African citizen to build the future
  • Lift the morale of our people: How?
    By growing the awareness around the number of people who are making a positive impact in South Africa, of which you are one
  • Get Publicity: How?
    Together SA will showcase the steps you are taking to build South Africa here
  • Raise Funds: How?
    Together SA will enable businesses, funders, the SETA’s and Government who are looking for social responsibility programs to support to find you on the Together SA website.
  • Grow into a sustainable business: How?
    Through loading your initiative on to the Together SA website, it will expose you to organisations that specialise in coaching people into social entrepreneurs, giving you the tools to grow your initiative into a sustainable business.
  • Connect: How?
    NGO’s, NPO’s, organisations and volunteers will be able to connect through the Together SA website and work collaboratively
  • Play Your Part: How?
    By joining Together SA as a Change Maker you will help to build and expand the Together SA website which will grow and give more exposure to your initiative…

Become A Change Maker

Display the Together SA logo on your website or on your email signature and show the world that you are an active citizen. Encourage others to also become Change Makers so that through Together SA, we will generate the critical mass that is needed to create a good future for all our people.

What is Together SA?

  • Together SA is a movement for people who love South Africa and are committed to building a future of which we can be proud.
  • Together SA is for everyone who believes each of us can play a part in the solution to our challenges.
  • Together SA is for those who want to unite as South Africans today to shape a better future for tomorrow.

Together SA is a non-political initiative embracing all cultures, all religions and all sectors of society. Together SA has been initiated by Awesome SA ( There are thousands of South Africans who are active citizens, reaching out to others and are running or supporting initiatives that are working on building a positive future for South Africa. These initiatives need to be brought to the attention of our people, to friends of South Africa and to potential funders who stand by the values of our constitution, the protection of civil liberties and socio-economic rights is.

With this in mind Together SA showcases these projects through videos and photo images which will inspire more people to become active citizens instead of passive bystanders. Together SA is inviting those who are committed to shaping our future , to share their 1 – 5 min video clips or photo images on the Together SA website.

Thank you to the teams who have played their part in making the launch of Together SA possible:

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