Future Farmers Foundation


A small dedicated foundation that provides platforms from which young men in agriculture and farming in general can become successful commercial farm managers or farmers in their own right. We have initiated an apprenticeship system that places learners on farms where they gain experience, starting from the bottom and learning a large variety of skills from the most menial tasks to tractor driving, operating milking machines, control of irrigation systems, dairy herd management and leadership skills. Starting on the lowest wage, these apprentices work their way up as their skills and abilities improve. The apprentices are evaluated by their employers and by an independent labour specialist.

After a year or two of practical experience, the apprentices who excel in their work may be selected to do a years’ internship overseas. In Europe, Australia and the USA, the apprentices are exposed to very high working standards and very different cultures. They learn more about the world they live in and understand what makes a top farming operation successful. They are exposed to a work ethic that is both new and of great value to them. They learn new and valuable skills which can set these young people up for success and enable them to be leaders in their communities.

The program is a very carefully co-ordinated programme which is designed to deliver skills to young people from other countries (with students so far being mentored in Germany, the USA and Australia). The concept is for them to learn advanced skills, during the course of a year, and take them back to their home countries to the benefit of the communities that they represent. This fits perfectly into the whole ethic of the Future Farmer Project as we want the boys to experience a new country, be exposed to other cultures and ways of life, and of course to learn farming skills and the outstanding work ethic that is part each countries’ farming community.

Website: www.futurefarmersfoundation.com

Contact: Judy Stuart

Email: redcow@telkomsa.net

Tel: 083 555 0082


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