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Hello I am a journalist – I have been working for newspapers for many years. I had the idea when I graduated that I wanted to write stories that had the power to make people laugh with joy and make them cry with compassion. Such was my belief in the power of the pen. Today many people avoid reading newspapers because there is so much bad news. This has made them despondent about the state of the country. Yes life is tough, bad things happen – but if you only hear about bad things, you start to believe that nothing can change.

There are a lot of people doing fantastic work to make sure that South Africa thrives despite all the obstacles we face – but they are not getting the media support they deserve. They need a media champion, dedicated to bringing their stories to the fore. They need to be hailed as heroes and celebrated as real examples of what can be achieved with a positive attitude and dedication.

I am essentially a story teller and would like you to read these amazing stories so that you can also believe in a future for our country – where intention goes, possibility flows. Together lets show people how positive thoughts, actions and WORDS can change lives. By donating any amount to Inspiration Works you can help me to help you – by changing the way we see our country and the world.

With love and hope – Trish


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