LOTS Project

LOTS (Life Orientation Through Sport) is a non-profit organisation with the ambition to create equal opportunity for the youth of KZN through participation in sport & physical activity. Lots encourages changes in how sport is delivered within schools and their local communities. We believe that sport offers the most valuable platform for educators to relate to the youth & assist in combating the many important health risks that exist within our nation today. Alongside key partners & stakeholders, we are working towards creating a greater platform to offer physical activity both in the community and schools through the coaching & training of educators & facilitators. We aim to empower existing mentors & role models of youth within these environments. By providing important life skills & sports education we create greater opportunities for the youth of KZN both on and off the sports field. At LOTS we believe that the value of sport & physical activity in the youth is invaluable. Many important life lessons & values are learnt through participation in the sporting arena. Every individual should have the opportunity to be part of the learning and personal development experience that sport offers.

Our vision is to empower and create greater opportunity for the youth of KZN in terms of social, physical and mental health through sport. Sport enables our youth to achieve greater success in school, in their home and on the sports field. Our vision also incorporates opportunity for the disabled youth of KZN in terms of social, physical and mental health. Through sport and education our disabled youth will achieve greater success in their lives.

Our Mission is to empower Youth Ambassadors, Educators, Facilitators, Community Care Givers and with the support of relevant government departments, create awareness around the importance of physical activity and a healthy lifestyle within our youth – including those with disabilities. Our roll out includes structured and monitored sports and life orientation programs aimed at our youth in schools and their communities

LOTS highlights the importance of education and life skills and is striving towards creating positive and healthy environments for the youth through sport.

Website: www.lotsproject.co.za

Email: kristy@lotsproject.co.za

Tel: 079 516 7387


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