The primary objectives of the MCCDO are to:​  Invest in people empowerment, capacity building and leadership so as to enhance human dignity, personal responsibility, morals and ethics. We advance and disseminate knowledge and solutions that address the key challenges facing society. We develop ecological and regenerative community farming and food access systems. We manufacture, customize and transfer advanced technologies to communities. We incubate and support enterprise development. We promote a new social economic operating system that is circular, open-source and sustainable; a model that enhances and integrates community, economy and ecology within a new framework of participatory engagement. We Design communities based on the emerging and necessary paradigm of the Oxfam Doughnut model for a safe and just place for humanity; keeping social development within planetary boundaries on the local level. We want to promote a new model of North/South cooperation. We setup projects and programs which empower vulnerable groups in the community. And we administer the Mount Currie Community Development Centre as a resource base for the whole community of Kokstad.​


Contact: Piet Bosman


Tel: 0710361408


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