Music Voyage

Sowing seeds of music in rural KwaZulu Natal, South Africa


Our mission: To develop positive values and invest in the self-worth of individuals through the provision of music education.

Music Voyage has 2 programmes:

1) Early Childhood Development (ECD)

Music Voyage empowers, engages and develops ECD practitioners through music, movement and language expression. We assist practitioners in being creative, using initiative and co-creating constructive lessons for learners.

The Music Voyage intervention enhances practitioners understanding of the role of learning in the pre-school child by building on their inherent musical talent. Our music programme is geared to building confidence in practitioners; giving them structured lesson plans that address the development of the whole child, mentoring them in their own often challenging, environment and exiting when they are secure in the knowledge that the children in their care are encountering a wealth of different learning experiences enabling them to succeed in the schooling system. Children who have access to education have access to a livelihood.

Quality ECD lays the foundation for achievement in the schooling system.

2) Music Literacy Africa (MLA)

Music Literacy Africa highlights music literacy education by working with the inherent talent of marginalised individuals living in rural areas. We aim to develop individual life skills and expand social and economic empowerment opportunities through the love and magic of music.

Our vision is to have a performing orchestra comprising members from any economic sector, as long as they are proficient in their instrument and a credit to Music Voyage.


Contact: Helen Mennie


Tel: 082 828 8068


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