PPR Education

PPR Education is a unique non-profit initiative that harnesses the power of teachers together with innovative educational technology to enable disadvantaged high school learners in South Africa to actualize their full academic potential. The words PPR in PPR Education stands for the three pillars: PODCAST, PARTNERSHIP and RECOGNITION programs. To implement these three programs in a school we have EDUPRENUER, who visits the school every day so visible difference can be seen at the end of academic year. PPR Education when implemented in a school can result in bringing marked difference in performance of the school. It achieves this by implementing programs designed to bring the passion and joy of teaching back to teachers, creating a culture of learning in students and building a more responsible community.

Website: www.ppreducation.com

Contact: Mohan Nair

Email: ppreducation@gmail.com

Tel: 083 3098965


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