Saris for Good Karma


Saris for Good Karma exists so women living on the African continent can be taken out of adverse poverty by learning business & sewing skills.

Kanchana’s mission is to increase the financial sustainability of Sari’s for Good Karma and build a generation where all leaders and successful South Africans are proud and effective philanthropists.

Saris For Good Karma is doing powerful work, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to raise the funds to meet the growth they are hoping to achieve. At the same time there are a small group of very wealthy South Africans who give to charity, making the country the second biggest giver globally. The challenge is that the public do not know about their giving. The youth in the country are smitten by fame and fortune without having a strong desire to make a positive difference in their communities. South Africa needs a generation of young people who are passionate about helping those less fortunate than them, and are inspired by leaders who are doing this.


Contact: Kanchana Moodliar


Tel: 083 7755755


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