The Matthew Willman Visual Arts Foundation


The building blocks of the Matthew Willman Foundation for the Visual Arts are the altruistic actions of those who unselfishly planted seeds of hope in the lives of others. Our passionate belief in the value of art and how it can be an enabler in the development of individuals and communities has motivated the creation of a foundation that consistently supports this cause.

Visual art includes design, crafts, photography, film making, architecture, performing, conceptual and textile arts. It also includes the applied arts such as industrial design, graphic design, fashion design, interior design and decorative art.

In order for the visual arts to thrive and weave its empowering magic, support is needed both at grass root community level as well as providing growth and development opportunities for artists at the top end of the talent spectrum.

Visual arts empowers by creating positive visions of the need for change and what that change could look like. A picture is worth a thousand inspiring words. It can educate, promote the value of human life and inspire to address social issues. Human creativity is the inspiration that seeks the art of the possible.


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Tel: 0317644107


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