Siphakeme – Graduation

Siphakeme is a great initiative. Wendy Dugmore is hoping to find the time in the near future to put together a short video or a photo story to give a visual account of the empowering work of Siphakeme. Individuals and organisations that are wanting to make up a photo story on how they are making a difference can use the information on the Roxio PhotoShow, See more at: SWC (Sustaining the Wild Coast) makes use of a photo story, you can view their’s in our Portfolio of Change Makers here.

Siphakeme, established in January 2012, is an NPO committed to supporting quality education of all pre-school children. We do this through a training programme for teachers and child minders from impoverished communities who are dedicated to helping the children of their community to be ready for ‘big school’ i.e. Grade 1. The training is practical and hands-on and raises the skills level of these teachers. A matric certificate or other educational grading is not a pre-requisite to take the course. Trainees attend contact sessions every two weeks and go home with a teaching programme to implement until the next session.

On Monday this week 20 ladies completed the yearlong course. It was exciting to hear Doris, a 56 year old granny who has run a crèche for four years, share her dreams of expanding her crèche to include Grade R children as she now has the confidence and skills to teach them for school readiness. And then there was Thandi who when I first met her several years ago was completely lacking in self-confidence, with little formal education and seeking social support for survival for herself and her child. She now stands tall and confident having completed the training and found herself employment in a small pre-school near her home. She loves children and now has the grounding to be a pre-school teacher or assistant.

These two ladies each year will touch the lives of 20 or more children helping them to be ready for ‘big school’ and the foundation for a promise of a better life.

For more information on our programme contact: Wendy Dugmore, 082 821 3675,

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